Thursday, October 23, 2014

The most inaccurate of the least important measurement

So I painted the wood deck folding chairs of our patio set last weekend with Tung Oil. As the chairs are the shape of chairs, there were moments when I had to be very close to the chair to be painting a part of it. Tung Oil emits an odour that resembles other toxic odours such as those emitted from oil-based paint.

I am rather susceptible to reacting to toxic odours. In the past I have even been hospitalized due to being severely dehydrated in addition to having had a high fever that had lasted a few days. I had had hallucinations during that spell.

This time I came down with an overall malaise that included a low grade fever, sore throat, headache, congestion and coughing. Fortunately, this time, I did not in addition to those, also get diarrhea and vomiting. It has taken quite some time for me to get over it, and in fact, still, to this day, I still have lingering symptoms.

I was hoping to be better by Friday this week and it is looking like it will be a close call. If I can get to sleep early tonight, there may be a chance.

It seems that feeling this way, ill due to toxicity, makes me sick but not terribly contagious. I have not seemed to have affected (or infected) any of my family or workmates.

How are you feeling these days?


Zhoen said...

Fine, I'm fine.

You may want to consider a ventilator mask the next time you have to deal with such substances.

Phil Plasma said...

Yes, a mask will definitely be in order before I do the table.

Zhoen said...