Tuesday, October 28, 2014

woohoo, got them working again

So a different IT guy stopped by for something else we're working on together when he decided to take a quick look for this browser issue. Turns out something (neither of us know) is blocking firefox.exe and chrome.exe, but by renaming them (could be anything, but I renamed them firefox1.exe and chrome1.exe) they now work.

I think I can sing in the upper half of the bass register and in the lower half of whatever is above it. Where does that put me in terms of a group singing in a choir?

Marzipan is not a word I use particularly often in my vernacular. As I am not a 'foodie' I have had little to do with it in the entirety of my life.

For fun earlier today I clicked the 'Next Blog' button at the top of my blog, and did that again perhaps a dozen times for each blog that I visited. I did not find a single one in that dozen that was posted to more recently than 2013, and most had their last entry in 2012 or 2011. I guess it didn't turn out being so much fun, after all. It would be nice if there was a way to qualify the 'Next Blog' button to show only blogs that have had five or more posts in the last six weeks.

Egregious is another word I do not use particularly often. There is no reason why I shouldn't, however, so I will see if I can work it in over the next few days.


Zhoen said...

Counter-tenor? Whaddda I know?

Marzipan reminds me of Persuasion.

I have used egregious recently. But I am a wordie.

Phil Plasma said...

The choir director said I'd be baritone.

I am also a wordie, but that is no surprise from bloggers who continue to blog after mostly every else who used to, don't any longer.

Phil Plasma said...

Turns out I'm bass, after all.