Wednesday, November 05, 2014

brog the rug towards the fog or forn

Being a marsupial has nothing to do with the number of lint balls I pulled from my left armpit. That a pigeon would know how to dance on Tuesday mornings where the ambient temperature is between 41F and 11C and the sun is shining amongst a three-sevenths covering of clouds surprises no one whose name has three or four syllables ending with a fairly common suffix.

If you had noticed the number of two letter words I used in the first paragraph.

Melancholy and melons do not have a lot in common. Melancholy and cholera probably have more in common.

My local NHL team fared rather poorly at their last outing. Quite the hardship for those key players earning millions of dollars. How sad it is for them that their team won, while they themselves have won such a large salary.

Not that Neptune is at all relevant.

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Pat Hatt said...

Yeah, i really feel for those millionaires. The poor saps lost, boo hoo lol