Tuesday, November 04, 2014

who knew?

I don't know if I should post this.

Oh well, read on, the few of you that do.

Went to see my GP today, asking for a referral to a psychiatrist so I can find out about my mild autism spectrum disorder. I had had a checkup with her during the summer when she asked me to have some blood tests done. She mentioned when I had met with her then that if the blood test results came back to her as normal, she would not call me. She reviewed them today with me and everything that was measured was in tip top shape. I've been generally in good health for all of my life, but there is no way to know about things like cholesterol or other blood components. So to now know is reassuring.

My wife came with me as my autistic behaviour is having an impact on our home life and the doctor also gave her a referral to see a psychologist to be able to learn some coping mechanisms on how to deal with me.

The key now for me will be to move ahead with this. If I let it linger this will add a friction point.


meznor said...

All the best, Phil. I think it's important to acknowledge if there's something coming between you and your loved ones, and I'm sure with your family's support, everything will turn out as it should.

Zhoen said...

My D went in for a study, he wasn't effected enough to qualify, but they suggested he get tested.

When he started on the meds, he said it felt like getting glasses, the world came into focus. He finds life much less frustrating. I find it much easier to live with him as well.

Phil Plasma said...

I do not get frustrated one bit, it is I who frustrate others (namely my wife, mostly). I'm hoping that if she does see a psychotherapist that it helps us both.

Pat Hatt said...

If beneficial go for it indeed, never know what one can learn to use as coping mechanisms.

Debstar said...

I hope you can both work through this quickly.