Thursday, November 20, 2014

Melting icecream

The sing song perched atop the Elvis impersonator's decaying shed, much like a coastal dentist's home contains a number of fledgeling marsupials. That the author of this post used two possessive apostrophes in the previous sentence should come as no surprise to the author. To the reader, on the other hand, was a glove.

There was a mix up when someone baked a cake in the up direction. It had strawberries.

Mixing long and short sentences in a paragraph, on a page, or in a story or blog post can serve the purpose of providing variety to the reader who likes to have just such a mix. It had blueberries.


Zhoen said...

Raspberry upside down pie.

Debstar said...

I really don't care if the sentences are long or short when I am reading to myself. When I used to read to my children I preferred short sentences.

Phil Plasma said...

z: mmmm.

D: It is the variety that I prefer.