Thursday, November 13, 2014

update update update

My reinstalled work computer required updates yesterday that held me hostage for the entire afternoon.

The smell of snow was in the air this morning as I waited for the school bus with my kids. The temperature was 1C.

I have a banana and a small container holding three two-bite brownies. Would you call that a six bite brownie?

I generally eat the brownies in three bites as I find I can savour them better this way.

When I went to give my apheresis donation yesterday they always weigh me. I weighed 69.9KG in place of the 71.8KG I had weighed the last time I made the donation. The nurse noticed this and asked if I was dieting. I said no, but that I was eating in such a way as to prepare for the Christmas holidays. She said she guessed that I was good at seeing the future.

There has been a change in piano in my house this week, in the next few days I may be able to post photos about it.

I am wearing my digital wrist watch today as I decided to not wear my analog one.

American Thanksgiving is approaching. This doesn't mean a whole lot for me, my family or my job. The greatest impact it will have is that support calls that come in to my department will decrease from our American customers. We have customers in quite a few international jurisdictions.

I'm quite pleased that they've successfully landed a recording device on a comet. These baby steps in Space effort are what is needed to build up to bigger steps.


Pat Hatt said...

We already had thanksgiving up here and 3 bites, that's all lol

Zhoen said...

I've been following Philae. Especially like the series.