Wednesday, December 10, 2014


So yes, our first major snowfall is falling presently. We got about 10cm's of snow starting yesterday afternoon and through the night last night. During the day today, another 15-20cm's will fall, and through the night tonight, an additional 10-15cm's.

Here is a view out of one of the offices of my company looking south on Peel street. It isn't really easy to see the snow falling, but it certainly is.

A video might have been better to show it, but I can't be bothered - filming it would be easy, but then loading it, youtubing it and then posting it here is more effort than I'd like to spend.


Zhoen said...

Snow and rain are remarkably difficult to photograph or film. Probably why movies put in fake stuff, so it looks more like what it does in reality.

meznor said...

some of the websites now are offering some java snow to add to the site (wordpress has this option, and google photos also does this as one of their "autoawesome" features.) That might be a hack to make it look like it's snowing.