Monday, December 08, 2014

Lloyd and the calamity

So we went to see the Super Hospital on Sunday. We booked a few months ago a free tour of the new hospital here that will close down four old ones. It was quite impressive with its state of the art equipment.

Following that we went to the Oeufrier for lunch where we had breakfast food. I had a Ménage à Trois breakfast poutine that was absolutely delicious.

Following that we went to the Centaur Theatre to watch the Geordie Production of Chloe's Choice. It was quite an excellent play, well acted and very well written.

Before all of that we went to church, and following all of that we went to my father-in-law's house to help him with connecting his mobile phone to his own wifi network. He had put lower case letters in the password where he should have been putting upper case ones.

You are free to not click on any of the links in the post. If, however, you do click on one, or more, of the links, can you please let me know that you did and let me know which one(s) you did?


Debstar said...

You certainly had a busy day.

I clicked on Oeufrier to see what that looked like and then on your church to see if it was old or new and then on Chloe's choice to see what that was about. Then I looked up poutine because I'd forgotten what that was. Not what I would have ordered, that's for sure.

Phil Plasma said...

The hollandaise sauce on the breakfast poutine was really good. I wouldn't knock it so quickly.

Pat Hatt said...

Out and about you sure were, that is one big arse hospital. Hopefully they have their head out of their arse there though, as here many so called mds don't.