Tuesday, January 13, 2015

being hungry while looking at a dime

The best thing about artichoke is that you don't choke while creating art.

Volvo brand underwear is not generally available. Who knew?

When people's pets become u-tube stars due to their filmed shenanigans, do those people end up catching herpes?

The left most decision that a person would make when rendering a collapsed yuletide carol into a bowl of extremely dusty tooth-paste.

Dancing at night while wearing opaque sunglasses in a room that is poorly lit reminded Ben of his period of inexistentialism.

I experience inexistentialism every night; it usually happens when I am unconscious.

Oh, and about SLI, I experienced three SLI events on Friday night last week with two witnesses each time. On Saturday night, one more, though, as usual, I was the only one to notice.

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