Monday, January 12, 2015

je suis charlie

It isn't every day that January 12 arrives wearing a petty-coat. Of course, it isn't this one, either.

My son did fifteen consecutive push-ups on Saturday evening to show that he can do them now and then challenged me to do equal that, or more. So I did 26 push-ups. Yesterday, and today again, I am feeling sore very slightly in my triceps and quite sore in my pectoralis major near the pectoralis major tendon.

It has inspired me, however, to start again some sort of fitness regimen. We shall see if it amounts to anything in terms of commitment or duration.

This so far has been the winter of many small snow-falls. Another 5cm's are falling presently with a balmy high for the day of -3C.

Just a reminder for you (and for me) - sit up straight! Fix your posture!


Zhoen said...

Petticoat. fyi

meznor said...

you made me curious how many pushups I could do consecutively. I can also do 15 (in perfect form, then I get lax). I've been working out, though, since last June, so I clearly need to do more upper body exercises.

Phil Plasma said...

z: thanks

m: I just did three sets of 20, though the last twenty was broken up into a group of 10 followed by two groups of five. I will ache even more tomorrow.