Wednesday, January 21, 2015

don't look up

If you'll recall we redid our kitchen in the summer of 2013. In our new kitchen we got a bunch of new appliances.

Well, the first one to fail is the Bosch induction cook top. The center burner has a flashing symbol on it that alternates from the letter U to the number 1 where the number 1 is the right vertical bar of the letter U. Given this behaviour, the burner is inoperable.

One tip I found on line was to power reset the thing, so I went to the circuit breaker in the house where this is connected and shut it off. I then turned it back on again and still the flashing U-1-U-1-U persisted.

I called Bosch support and the lady there was very helpful - the one year warranty had elapsed, however, she said she would speak to her manager to see if the repair-man charge could be covered by Bosch. Yesterday morning I received an automated email from Bosch advising that the repair-man would be coming on Thursday between 8AM and noon and that the person would call either the previous evening, or that morning, to provide a more specific time. Later yesterday morning I received a call from the Bosch support person I had spoken to and she told me that yes, Bosch would take care of the fees.

We paid a lot of money for this appliance, so I am pleased that we are getting this treatment.


Zhoen said...

Over the year warranty or not, that is clearly not misuse or wear and tear, but a malfunction. Glad they'll take care of you.

Pat Hatt said...

That is great they are giving you such good treatment, many don't after the warranty is gone

Debstar said...

I have Bosch appliances too. Hopefully the problem is only minor.