Monday, January 19, 2015

wearing an envelope at Halloween

Tying one's shoe while riding an elephant who just drank a gallon of Tang is not the best timed event. I should know.

So Target is leaving Canada, eh? I'm not too surprised, having gone into my local one a few times. They never seemed to have exactly the size/style of clothes I was looking for when shopping for apparel for my children.

We did score on Christmas wrapping and decorations in Jan of '14 as the local store had grossly over purchased and so they were selling inordinate volumes of the stuff at pennies on the dollar.

A close friend of ours works at the local one and so she will be out of her job a little later this year, once the store is fully closed. She's got a good attitude about it, she's certain she'll find work again.

My wife, G-Bot and I went to see 'The Imitation Game' on Friday night. I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend you see it, if seeing movies is the kind of thing you'd consider doing.

Drinking a gallon of tang while tying the shoe of an elephant is hardly better.


Zhoen said...

Ok, now I want to dress up as an envelope next halloween.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah Target didn't last long. They were pretty crappy anyway.

Phil Plasma said...

z: probably better to dress as an envelope than as a letter opener.

p: I'm just wondering what is going to happen to all of their locations; I don't know if there are other businesses ready to make use of these large format stores.