Tuesday, January 06, 2015

making the most of the most

So the Lotto Max is up to 50,000,000$ this coming Friday. There are also two additional prizes for one million dollars each. Five dollars buys you three selections each of which is seven numbers that are between 1 and 49. If all seven numbers of one of the selections matches the seven numbers drawn on Friday, a millionaire will you become.

I haven't yet bought any tickets, but I likely will as I tend to participate when the jackpot gets to that size. Once Lotto Max reaches 50,000,000$ the jackpot does not grow, but the number of additional prizes increases. So if nobody wins the jackpot this Friday, next Friday will have the same jackpot and maybe eight or ten additional prizes of one million dollars each.

If I was to win, I would still blog.


Debstar said...

We have Gold Lotto here. I too wait for the big draws before I play. Teeny Tiny, the mathematician of the family, tried to explain calculus to me and the probability of winning, still that 1in a gazillion could be me so I continue to play.

Zhoen said...

I'd get someone to host and design my blog, though. I'd still write, and take photos and blather.

Phil Plasma said...

D: it is true that the odds of winning are astronomically against us, however, the odds are even worse if you don't play. Even if there is on iota of a chance I could win, I would still like to, so I play.

z: If either of us won, I would still read yours. We'd likely have some new topics to write about.

meznor said...

I would still blog, too.

If I won the $1 million prize, it would pay for a detached house for me and TN in the general neighbourhood we want to live (not really the best neighbourhood - that would be closer to $1.5 or $2 million).

Still, I would not complain to win such an amount. I would not complain for a fraction of that amount - I will have beaten astronomical odds that no one should expect to beat in several, let alone one, lifetime.