Monday, January 05, 2015


This morning when I left the house with the kids it was -13C and very windy. When I came home tonight it was -17C and still, very windy. Right now it is -18C and the wind is starting to die down.

Our Hydro light is currently on meaning that our cost of electricity is about four times higher than normal. When the temperature drops below about -12C we have a light in our house (it is in our basement) that lights up to indicate to us that our rate goes up. This is to help us make better decisions about what appliances we use and when we use them. Knowing that we'd be getting these cold temperatures, I did laundry (and used our electric clothes dryer) over the weekend when it was still mild as I knew I would not want to run that dryer while the Hydro light is lit.

How is the weather where you are?


Debstar said...

It has been hideously hot and humid the last couple of days but last night it got windy and the temp dropped, and today there is a lovely sea breeze blowing. So, great weather today.

Phil Plasma said...

Nice, our weather has warmed up too, it is now only -10C.

Pat Hatt said...

lmao that was a lot of money to learn the triangle.

Cold like that here, but I don't pay for anything but lights in my apt, so can crank up the heat haha

Zhoen said...

Very weird, 7C when I drove home at 4. Although it's nice all the ice is melted from sidewalks and driveways.