Friday, January 30, 2015

reacting negatively to positive news

It was warm last night and into the morning but already the deep freeze has begun to set in. The temperature is dropping from about -4C earlier today to -21C tonight. To make things even more exciting the wind is also picking up. During the evening blowing at 20kph with gusts to 30 and overnight continuing to blow at 20kph. The high for Saturday and Sunday, -16C but with the wind it is supposed to feel more like -25C.

I'm not going to the movies this weekend, at least, it doesn't look like it. We may watch a movie or two at home, however.

My son has his second biathlon training session on Sunday, I'm thinking he may need to dress warmly.

Good luck to whomever wants a SuperBowl winner.

I've got to stop posting about the weather. Everyone has weather, what's so special about mine?


Zhoen said...

Weather is wonderfully interesting in it's infinite variety.

Debstar said...

It's the -20 that has me fascinated. I wouldn't venture out the door for the whole of winter if I lived there. Keep writing about the weather please.

Debstar said...

I just googled biathlon. Interesting It's not a sport I'm ever going to pursue.