Friday, January 02, 2015

The brainchild of a vet

Here we are, already part way into 2015; can you believe I have neglected to post until now?

I, for one, have already noticed the days getting longer. There has not yet been a very large difference, but it is noticeable enough for me.

I did not have either of my wrists strapped for misbehaviour over the last eleven days. I'm okay with this.

Being blindfolded at night, while asleep, with the blindfold then taken off before one is awoken, is kind of like taking a cookie out of the cookie jar and then putting it back after having not consumed any of it.


Zhoen said...

Locally, we start getting time back in the morning on 8 Jan. That's when I'll start noticing.

Glad your wrists feel better, your eyes are rested, and that you are back.

ghost said...

it seems an age since I visited. I have to stop letting time slip away from me.

hi, phil. como estas?

Phil Plasma said...

z: thanks, I hope to get back to regular posting shortly.

g: thanks for stopping by, it has indeed been a while. No worries, mate. All is well here, though downright cold at the moment.