Monday, February 09, 2015

bitter winter

This has been the most bitterly cold winter that I can recall ever having happened here. Last year we had many cold spells, but this year, in addition to the same number and depth of cold spells we've had strong winds. We haven't had a large dumping of snow like Albany did earlier this winter, or Boston more recently, but we've had consistent snow fall of two to five cm's almost every day since early December.

This morning it was -17C with enough wind to make it feel like -28C. This has been the normal for the last two weeks.

Anyhow, my company is hosting a little over a dozen customers here at our office for a week of 'advanced training' to use our software. We've converted a meeting room into a training room and they are all squeezed in there snug. Given this we, the employees, have been asked to be on our best behaviour.

So far so good.


Zhoen said...

"Best behaviour" could mean so many things...

I'd gladly take a bit of your weather in trade. Sadly, the transfer is essentially impossible.

Debstar said...

Now I'm wondering how you lot usually behave. Is it anything like the office on the Wolf of Wall Street?

Phil Plasma said...

Good behaviour in our case means just slightly less joking around, and significantly less disparaging our customers.