Tuesday, February 10, 2015

when ear wax is used as a deodorant

Not all February 10ths fall on a Tuesday. I should know.

I am not certain if there will be another February 10th this year; if there is, I do not know if it will fall on a Tuesday or not.

How a day of the month can fall on a day of the week is rather of a mystery. I've always had the sense that days of the month and days of the week have the ability to evade gravity.

Next week on Tuesday there is quite a bit of overlap in the evening.
1. V-8 has Sparks from 18h00 until 19h00
2. C-ling has Guides from 18h30 until 20h30
3. My wife and I are signed up for a mini conference in a location about half an hour away from where Sparks and Guides are from 19h00 until 21h00.
4. G-bot's school is having a meeting for parents who are interested in decorating the high school gym for the graduation class dance to take place later this spring. G-bot is only in grade seven, known as Secondary One here in Quebec, and he is not graduating, but this kind of preparation has always intrigued me. It runs from 18h30 to 20h00 and is a half hour in the opposite direction from the item number three. An advantage that really makes no difference is that the thing at the high school is drop-in, so I can drop-in anytime between 18h30 and 20h00.

My wife and I are unable to clone ourselves to get the kids to their activities and get ourselves to two different places all at the same time. Kind of like the way it is difficult for a day of the month to fall on a day of the week.


Zhoen said...

Teleportation, I'm tellin' ya.

Phil Plasma said...

Yes, that would be sweet.