Tuesday, March 17, 2015

when in doubt, plant a tree

I've been wondering if there are any specific foods that I can eat that can increase my platelet count so that the next time I donate (today) is not like the last time I went where I had a lower bound threshold platelet count so I couldn't do the donation. I found this which basically gives the same general advice that anyone gives for being healthy.

I started posting this post before I went and had planned on submitting it, but I hadn't, and now I'm back from the donation. My platelet count was 167 which is acceptable. The nurse who put the needle into me went a little deeper this time as compared to past donations I've made and this caused a problem, so my donation was truncated only 10% of the way through the procedure.

This is two times in a row that it doesn't work out. I will try one more time in April and if that also doesn't work out, I fear I will have to cease.


ghost said...

I have to give a pint a month.

Debstar said...

Beetroots are supposed to be good for the blood, if you can believe those health guru sites. I am rather sceptical these days. Besides, I'm not fussed on beetroot. Never ask for a 'Root' in Australia, you may get more than you asked for.

Phil Plasma said...

ghost: a friend of mine also has to; if I recall correctly it has to do with too high an iron level.

deb: I don't really like beets (what they are called here).