Thursday, March 19, 2015

botulism soup

There isn't the slightest chance of emptying a sailboat of water when it is submersed in my left ear while I am in the shower.

So now you have it, one more thing you know about me.

Tomorrow is the very last March 20th of the year. There is little of significance happening that day, apart from it being the first day of Spring and the first day of robotics competition that my son's school robotics team is participating in.

How is your March 20th looking?


shenry said...

Water in the ear is a bummer.

Since you asked, tomorrow looks like 6-hours of lame meetings. But to counteract the lame meetings, it is a Friday and the weather in Denver is on the upswing.

Phil Plasma said...

It is nice to hear that the weather is improving, here, it isn't so much.

Zhoen said...


Stinky paw said...

Tomorrow is my LAST day "working" for at least the nest three months!!