Monday, April 13, 2015

barking up the wrong shrub

Wearing solid coloured shirts is the least offensive thing a person can do in a plaid factory.

Today is my second Fast day in the 5.2 plan; my last meal was at 18h30 yesterday, I had two hard boiled eggs and some lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes for lunch today at 12h30 and my next meal is breakfast tomorrow morning at 6h30. So far so good.

It is 21C outside today, and sunny. Very much like an early summer day, though it is still spring.

Given this weather it was no surprise that many of the people in my office today were wearing short sleeves.

I think Clinton would make a fine president. What I find curious is I am not hearing in the media here anything about a Republican contender. The sad part is most likely she'd have to deal with a partisan congress with a majority against her. My awareness of the American political system is really quite peripheral, however; I don't know exactly how it all works.

Here in Canada it is a fairly simple system.
A political party elects a leader, that leader then leads the party.
A general election is had where the country is divided up roughly by population/area and each division is called a riding.
In your riding you choose among the members of the various political parties that are representing their parties in your riding.
The votes are counted and using the 'First-past-the-post' method a winner is determined for the riding.
The number of ridings that are won is tabulated and the party with the highest number wins the election; the leader of that party becoming the Prime Minister.
If the winning party has won more than half the seats in Parliament (where the elected members go) that party forms a majority.

There's a little more to it, but that's about it in a nutshell.

Wearing plaid coloured shirts is the most offensive thing a person can do in a solid colour factory.


Zhoen said...

The loudest thing I can imagine is wearing plaid shirt and pants in a plaid factory.

Phil Plasma said...

Have you heard of Don Cherry? Do an Google Image search on him.

He's a long time hockey announcer on Coach's Corner.

Zhoen said...

Don Cherry in a flowered suit in a plaid factory would be unbearable.