Tuesday, April 14, 2015

underwater boxing as a sewing needle

There is an excessive amount of construction going on in the neighbourhood of where I work. Perhaps tomorrow I will go on a photo safari to show you what I mean.

Yesterday's fast was easier than last week's. Already it looks to be getting easier.

As you may know from past years, we (my family and two others) rent a large house over May Long Weekend (this year, it is May 16,17,18) together. We collectively take Friday off of work, leave home Friday morning, drive to the place and along the way, make a few stops for food or to see touristy things in the neighbourhood of the house or on the way and then we arrive.

This year we are staying here:

So we arrive Friday late afternoon or evening, depending on what we've done, and then we have all day Saturday, Sunday and then on Monday we leave sometime during the day. Some of us are keen to get out and about to see what there is to see while others are content to stay in the house we've rented just to have a time of calm that acts as a punctuation mark to our busy lives.

Since this year's house has a very large property, this opens up a few options for things we haven't done before. For example, I can bring my kite; my son can acquire some rocket supplies to bring with us, we can go for long country-side walks without leaving the property, and so on.

Anyhow, I hope if you have eaten cucumbers in the last sixteen years, that when you did, it was good.

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ghost said...

that mini vacation sounds like fun.

I do not recall a cucumber.