Wednesday, April 08, 2015

bring out the moths

A rusty wrecking ball that crashes into an already demolished industrial building is about as useful as a third shoelace that is of the incorrect length and colour.

Speaking of usefulness, wrist watches not made by Apple are just about as fruity.

I've read a few articles recently about people in NYC hermitting by way of web or app based services that do everything for you and deliver anything to you. In a different life I fear I might be one of those hermits as I can see some definite advantages. It is probably much better for me that I am not.

In any case, in my city, not all of those services exist so it would not be nearly as easy here to live such a life.

Uber does exist in my city, but I don't have the time to be a part time taxi driver.

I have eaten far too many Girl Guide cookies in the last three days.

This past weekend there was an event called Bal de Blanc held here, it was the 21st edition. It is basically a rave party that goes from 9PM Easter Sunday evening until noon the next day and everyone who attends wears white. It takes a certain kind of person to go to such an event.

I haven't ridden a donkey in many months. Perhaps all of them.

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