Tuesday, April 07, 2015

fishing upstream in her wrist band

My father-in-law has tried a number of diets throughout his life as he is obese and has always wanted to get his weight down. The latest one he is trying is called intermittent fasting where on Mondays and Thursdays he is to eat a vastly reduced diet, 500 cals or less and then eat normally all of the other days.

I have been doing some reading about this and have found that this kind of diet has also (in addition to losing weight) been shown to help postpone the onset of Alzheimers which is something that seems to run in my family.

So, to buoy the effort my father-in-law is doing to help him lose weight, I am thinking of joining him on Mondays and Thursdays to eat 500 cals or less. This coming Thursday will be my first day.

I will post here reviews about how it is going to see how sustainable it is as a habit.

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