Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Left turn on a no-way street

Being cryogenically frozen for a day and a half doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose.

Some say the law should be changed that lottery jackpot winners should no longer be required to make themselves known. Others argue that without this, people would lose faith in the system as they would have no evidence of winners. I'd say give some of the information, but not enough to identify the person. For example, in our nationwide lottery, it could be said that a 43 year old man in Calgary was the lucky winner of the 50,000,000$ jackpot. I would be content with that.

At the moment my posture is quite good. At the moment you are reading this, how is your posture?

The month of April is almost over. Following April comes the month that has the fewest number of letters in the name of the month.

Do not forget to speak to your house plants.


Pat Hatt said...

I would not want my identity known if I won, I'd have to move far far away from all the leeches

Phil Plasma said...

Fortunately, you could afford to move far away if you did win.

Zhoen said...

I certainly wouldn't want to be known. But I suppose if I could be accessed via a formal process by a watchdog group that wouldn't make it public, that would be a good compromise.

I don't have any plants inside, but I do lushly praise my garden, to the point that it blushes.