Monday, April 20, 2015

rain, rain, please stay, wash the grime away

We're getting our first serious rain of the spring as finally it has become warm enough to fall as liquid rather than as crystal. 15-25mm of it will be falling since it started around 9h30 this morning until when it is anticipated to end tomorrow mid-afternoon.

This rain will make all of the grass in people's yards go green.

Telepathy as a blanket that reminds Lutheran notaries of their matching sock colours needed the sound of snapping fingers to awake. I should know.

The number one is often represented as a single vertical rectangle whose length is significantly great than its width.
The number fish is rarely represented.

Please, do not forget to remind yourself of something you ought to have remembered.

Oh, and the Canadiens won again last night, again, in over time. Dale Weiss scored the tying goal near the end of the third period, and then again he scored about eight minutes into overtime. In the first period the Ottawa players banged into Canadien players logging 29 'hits' and they scored their only goal. In the second the Canadiens out-shot the Senators rather impressively. In a best of seven series, we're leading 3-0.

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Zhoen said...

I wish you sufficient rain to shower away the snowmuck left behind.