Friday, April 17, 2015

barking up the wrong milk carton

Our office space is of an open style. It is great for cooperative efforts, but terrible for maintaining a solid focus for an hour or more. With all of the conversations and noise that goes on it is sometimes even difficult to hear our own thoughts.

One thing I have learned from all of this is that there are some people that have naturally loud voices. With no effort, their voices pierce through all of their surroundings with ease.

I have a "loud" voice that I can use on command but by default I am probably at the three sevenths loudness level where half of seven is the average volume of all people.

My son is having some friends over tonight to celebrate his birthday, he is turning thirteen years old in the next week or so. They will be sleeping over at our house.

My youngest, V-8, is doing well with her antibiotics. Well enough that she is going with her Sparks troupe (the youngest age group of Girl Guides) to the Eco-museum for a sleep over tonight. They'll get a nocturnal animal tour this evening, and a day time animal tour tomorrow morning, and then I pick her up again.

There is nothing to report about C-ling for the moment.

Go Habs Go!


Zhoen said...

My workspace could be called Open Plan, but I'm expected/paid to respond to everyone around me, and charting is fit around that. Some people do have very intrusive voices. So many surgeons mumble, I think Mumble should be the proper collective noun for them.

Debstar said...

I spent many years sewing curtains from my home. I loved it,the only voice I heard was on talk-back radio, and I didn't have to talk to another person, apart from hubby, for days on end if I didn't want to.

I would hate to work in an open plan office.

Debstar said...

It's a good thing your team is called Habs and not Nads.