Wednesday, April 01, 2015

rising perilously close to the ground

There isn't much to say about kelp.

I read an article or watched a video (I can't recall) about the problems with Lake Victoria in Africa. It has been severely over-fished and polluted and so as a resource for the surrounding lake-shore communities, it has become useless and in some areas, dangerous.

I do not plan on vacationing there any time soon.

There isn't much to say about hemp.

Hydro-Quebec is the monopolistic government run electricity provider for all of the province of Quebec. They have reported enormous profits and yet were granted by the energy board a rate increase of 2.9% effective today. Hydro-Quebec had originally asked for a 3.9% increase but the board cut them down.

There is an FB group that has organized a 'walk out' of power consumption tonight from 7PM to 8PM. More than 100,000 households are purported to have signed up to shut off the house-hold circuit breaker for that hour as a form of protest to this rate hike.

I do not see how this will make any difference. Yes, if many people do not consume electricity for an hour today, it means that Hydro-Quebec will have a small drop in their revenue due to the decreased consumption, but with roughly 3.4 million households in Quebec and some unknown number of commercial and industrial users of electricity, the 100,000 household one-hour drop will be mostly meaningless.

If the Hydro-Quebec revenue is going back to the government, it is just another form of tax. If the profligate consume excessive amounts of electricity, let them pay more. The problem is that the rates are not progressive based on household income or household size.

There isn't much to say about chairs.

I am going to a Rush concert on June 21st. In preparation for their R40 concert celebrating fourty years of being together, I am listening to their discography. I already know many of their songs but am becoming familiar with some of their lesser known ones. I had asked a few friends if they wanted to come with me and no one said yes; but I'm not uncomfortable with the idea of going by myself, so I bought the ticket. As it is just me, I spent quite a bit more for the ticket than I normally would and I've got a seat on the floor, rather than up in the bleachers. I will bring ear plugs.

There isn't much to say about lozenges.


Zhoen said...

I disagree about all the things you say there isn't much to say about. Botanists can say a lot about kelp and hemp. Carpenters and other furniture makers have a lot to say about chairs. And medical historians, among others, can go on and on about lozenges.

Phil Plasma said...

What you say is true, but I am not a botanist, a carpenter or furniture maker, or a medical historian. You'll have to go to someone else's blog to read about those things.

Debstar said...

I've been to a Big Day Out concert on my own. It was great, I did what I wanted.