Monday, April 06, 2015


My son, G-bot, and I, went to a baseball game over the weekend. It is a rare occurrence since our Expos were relocated back in 2004. The Toronto Blue Jays played two games (Friday night and Saturday afternoon) against the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds won on Friday and Toronto won on Saturday.

Here is a view from our seats facing the field.

Here is a view to our right to give you a sense of how many people were at the game.

In the end there were 50,231 attendees, so it was a big crowd.

We did not have tickets before coming to the stadium so I queued up to buy some from the ticket wicket, but while waiting a man approached us saying he had four tickets that showed ticket price 15$ that he was selling for 10$. We were going to buy the cheapest seats possible from the cashier at the wicket, but this was a better deal. Some people worry about the validity of transactions such as this, but I wasn't worried; we got into the stadium without a problem.

I took the two photos above with my mobile phone, but my phone did not get a picture of the score board too clearly as it was too far away and my phone camera is not that good. I had thought to bring binoculars with me as I knew we would sit far, and G-bot figured out how to put the phone up against the binoculars to take these next two photos:

During the game Amateur Baseball of Quebec was organizing a 50/50 fundraiser to raise funds for the sport. In the end a single winner won just under 45,000$. I did not participate.

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