Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So the floors have been sanded and they look really good. I somehow missed taking a photo of the floor of the living room, but have photos of the corridor and the dining room floor, as well as how they plastified (to keep the sawdust from invading the rest of the house) the stairwell and the gap between the kitchen and the living room. The four photos below show all of this.

The corridor, all shiny and new.

The dining room, equally clear and clean.

The stairwell, wrapped up rendering access to our entire upper floor ineligible.

Interface between kitchen and living room, plastified.

In the mean time, more progress was made in the basement where the vinyl tiles have gone further, and the wall appears to have had its last sanding in preparation for eventual painting.

Here you can see that the vinyl tiles have continued into the laundry area.

From a different angle, the same thing.

A view that shows there is still some work to do - we have the expectation that they will continue the vinyl tiling all the way to the cement wall in the background.

And here's a view looking back.

Tomorrow the first coat of varnish goes down on the floor upstairs, and I believe that it will prohibit the basement worker from working at the same time due to the fumes. I hope to get in to check again tomorrow night, but if the smell is too strong, I will avoid it as I am rather susceptible to getting sick when in the presence of toxicity.

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