Wednesday, May 27, 2015

flooding in Texas, dandelions in Quebec

At moments I feel that way far outside of my control there are societal and civil movements that are lugubriously lethargic but trending towards chaos. Like a global entropy that is cascading down upon us in little bits and pieces with each passing day. Any given day can be bright and positive with everything seeming on the up and up, but the overall trend seems to me to be leading towards the end of civilization as we understand it to exist today. During these pensive moments I dream for and wish for anything that I can do to leave the world in a better situation for my children, and their children, but it seems even if I was to do everything that an individual can do it will do nothing to buck the trend.

The rest of the time I live in blissful ignorance; too busy to have thoughts such as these.


ghost said...

this post is everything I've been feeling for the last two years. I operate in my day to day as if nothing is changing, but my longview is that we're headed for a collapse. it makes me afraid.

Phil Plasma said...

I can imagine it is worse for you as you mention so often in your blog how much time you have on your own with nothing but your own thoughts.