Friday, May 01, 2015

There is a rumour, eat it

If my cat was to enter a spelling bee, he'd be chasing the bee.

We found a small flurry, perhaps a dozen, carpenter ants in the 'kids' bathroom of our house last night. G-Bot killed the first six or seven and I killed the last five or eight. We had had an ant problem two years previously and started by getting some ant killing products. Those proved ineffective and then we hired an exterminator and that did the job with a guarantee for 18 months. The 18 months are gone now and it seems the ants have found a new way in. I put down a bunch of the ant killing product we still had from before - I wonder if it has expired and is no good any longer.

After I put the product down along where we saw the ants, I went back periodically to see if any more would venture out from the wall, and I saw exactly zero more ants. Either the product preliminarily did its work, or, the ants are going to try to find a different exit point.

Sadly, our cat cares little for ants, otherwise I'd put him to the task of consuming them.

The three bathrooms in our house are all original to the house whose main part (one bathroom) was built in 1948 and whose extension (two bathrooms) was built in 1963. Given this, the bathrooms are quite old and likely have quite a bit of rot underneath them that we would discover were we to renovate them. I am sure this is heaven for the ants. Perhaps some time in the next eleven years we will, over that span, have all three bathrooms renovated, and this will help with the ants, and will also give us more modern bathrooms.

Today is Friday, this is a fairly good indication that a weekend is imminent.

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Zhoen said...

Ant traps work really well here.

Many cats are mousers, some birders, not many are anters.