Monday, June 01, 2015


They finished varnishing our floor on Thursday last week, however, when we inspected it on Friday, we found the 'Orange Peeling' effect. From this page, 'Orange Peeling' is described thus:

If the surface of the finish has a texture that resembles an or- orange peel, the problem may have been caused by rolling a finish, which then dries too quickly. When that happens, the texture is "frozen" into place before the finish has a chance to flow out and level. The solution is to screen and re-coat.

Any of these conditions can mean that the floor was not sufficiently screened between coats of finish, or that soap or some other contaminant substance was not removed before coating. It's also possible that the affected coat is incompatible with the finish or stain previously applied, or a contaminated applicator may be responsible. Problems in the top-most finish coat can be screened and re-coated, although severe problems may require complete sanding and refinishing.

So yesterday (Sunday) the worker came back and did, presumably, what was required to bring the floor up to par. I will be checking it out this evening to be sure.

On Friday they also finished the basement work; the vinyl floor tiles go all the way to the end where I had hoped they would do it, and the wall has been freshly painted and finally, a new cabinet above the sink has been installed. Below the four photos show it all.

I'm very pleased with how the basement has turned out; and the main floor is just about done.

We're still living in a hotel while this work is happening, but it looks like we'll be spending our last night in the hotel tonight, probably.


Zhoen said...

Frustrating, to have that happen at the end of it all. But good they are fixing it.

That is exactly the utility sink I want if we ever build our utility room.

ghost said...

looking good, mr. plasma.