Thursday, May 28, 2015

making the most of a chi hua hua

My Timex Expedition Digital Wrist Watch is still ticking along.

This weekend will complete the fifth month of this calendar year. The subsequent month contains a number of anniversaries, one of which is the day I was born.

We have had to extend our stay in the hotel while the work is being done in our house as they have not finished yet. Yesterday I stopped in to find that Wednesday had been a sacrificial day where there was no progress whatsoever. I will be checking in again today hoping to find that there was some progress.

Eating beef jerky while riding a unicycle and wearing a pink fashionable helmet is the least important activity that Henry could envision as a pass time for someone who lives on the East side of a Southern town in the Northern Hemisphere. A more reasonable activity that Henry could imagine was napping. That Henry tended to nap while wearing a pink fashionable helmet should come as no surprise to the reader. That he stuck the beef jerky up one nostril while napping should be surprising.

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Zhoen said...

My watch is also an expedition.