Thursday, June 25, 2015

train tracks up my nose

So the kids are now all out of school. Next week we begin the routine of bringing them to the house of a friend of ours whose teenage daughter we are paying to take care of them through the summer. On June 30th G-Bot will start a two week summer school course to improve his study skills. This was not required, but we felt that he could benefit by this.

July 3rd the kids and I are going to the lake front property of a friend of ours. He doesn't have a house there, but does have a camper, so we camp it out for the weekend.

Today is a day of intermittent fasting, I last ate at 20h00 last night, so the plan is to not eat until 8h00 tomorrow morning, drinking only water during this time. This has been going well for me, though I haven't always stuck to the plan and on some fasting days, ended up eating a normal supper. No matter, since I started this routine I've lost eight pounds and have not regained any of them. I'd like to lose two more and then if I can stabilize at that weight I'd be at my desired weight.


Zhoen said...

Learning to study, learning how to learn, is a lifelong task. Well, for me it is.

Debstar said...

I hAve tissues up my nose 'cause I'm sick of blowing it.

Phil Plasma said...

Z: G-bot didn't seem to have too many good ideas about how he should study during his first year of high school, so I am hoping that this will really give him a push. I'm fairly comfortable with the method that I learn.

D: probably better that you have tissues rather than train tracks.