Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This past Sunday I was at the Rush concert as part of the R40 tour celebrating 40 years of Rush, this, 41 years after they started. They played songs off of multiple albums in reverse chronological order. As people filed in they took their seats; mine was on the floor of the stadium so I looked up and in one direction saw this:

While we waited for the show to start, there was an enormous panel draped in front of the stage with this projected on it:

There were some people who took dozens or hundreds of photos; I was content with just a few as I was there to enjoy the concert, not to document it. Here is one photo I took of them performing:

Behind the stage there were three screens; on the left and right, two narrow ones and in the center a large one. At various times throughout the performance, different things were displayed on the screen. I thought it was really neat when they did closeup of the band and put them on the screen. Here is a closer shot where you can see it better:

That's Alex Lifeson on the guitar and backup vocals, Geddy Lee on Bass, keyboards and lead vocals and Neil Peart on drums. Speaking of drums, here is an image of when Neil did his major drum solo:

About 5/7ths through the show they started using the laser lights and I thought they were pretty awesome:

So all in all I really enjoyed this concert. Most likely it will be the last time that Rush comes to my city; in media reports they haven't totally outruled future concerts, but they would most likely be one offs.


Pat Hatt said...

Sure looks and sounds like a great concert indeed

Debstar said...

I'm afraid I've never heard of Rush, I even you tubed them thinking that I might have heard of some of their music and not realised who it was, but nope, nothing sound familiar. The lights do look impressive though.