Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When it rains, it rains

There were a lot of tourists in my city today. On the bus this morning into work, on the metro also, while walking to work, while walking outside at lunch, and especially while heading back home again on the metro. It was the women's FIFA world cup semi-final between the USA and Germany being held and that explains why I saw so many Americans all decked out in their colours. Well, if they're American, they're decked out in their colors.

At least once a summer I find tourists stuck on a corner looking at a map and I offer to help them. I work in a part of the city that is very close to where the tourists go, so I see many of them around.

Tomorrow is Canada Day and I will be working so that instead, I can take Friday off. Friday is the day I expect many Americans will take off, since their Independence Day falls on a Saturday this year. Given that the Americans will be off, Friday is expected to be a quieter day at my work as many of our customers are American.

My wife is off work tomorrow, but the kids still have swim lessons.


shenry said...

Happy belated Canada Day.

ghost said...

i believe that we will win.