Tuesday, June 16, 2015

wringing or winging

beating around the bush is kind of like wearing a kilt on a windy day.

There aren't two more of anything that would be used to deny those who want to paint a tree orange. I should know.

There are still more photos of the grad ball I assisted with but I haven't had the chance to upload them from my camera to my blog. Perhaps this weekend I will manage to do this.

Or not.

I am getting sleepy, but I expect I won't be soon able to get to go to bed as I am awaiting a customer's instructions to assist them with an SFTP issue they are having. It is 22h57 as I type this sentence.

I am on call this week and next which helps the pocket book as I get extra pay for it. However, there are imminent plans to hire people in other global locations which will diminish the need for this on call work. This will result in a pay cut as for the last eighteen months or so it has been fairly stable that once a month I get an extra week of on-call pay. When that stops my life will be easier as I won't have the on-call time any longer, but still, I'll have some pay to make up.

In other news, we are pretty close to filing our income taxes for tax year 2012 and 2013. It being 2015 it is probably about time we do this.

Flying a kite while painting the underside of a submarine should become an Olympic sport. I should know.


Debstar said...

I like to put of filling out tax forms too which is really silly because our tax takes no time at all to complete and yet I still leave it to the very last minute.

Phil Plasma said...

My wife has a business on top of her regular job and it is this that complicates things and makes us late.