Saturday, June 20, 2015

three times seven times two

I really should have posted this yesterday, as it was yesterday that I reached 15340 days of existence. Apart from being the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, this isn't a particularly special anniversary and I had no intention of celebrating it. Irrespective of my wishes, a good friend of mine hosted a poorly attended 'Welcome to Summer' BBQ at her house yesterday with an incidental sidebar of well wishes for me. It was very pleasant and almost as low-key as it can get, which is A-Okay with me.

For this trip around the sun I am going to work on 'Focus'. If I can succumb less often to distractions, or if I can stay the course rather than follow deviation after deviation, I will be pleased with the progress I will have made this year.


Zhoen said...

Hope your 15341st day was good as well.

Debstar said...

I think working on Focus is very worthwhile. Now that I'm thinking about it I think I should work on Motivation. I have none.
Happy belated 15340th Day.