Friday, July 31, 2015

calisthenics of the mind, wrought iron rung out

Back in the day I have made use of a random question generator contained in my cerebrum as a method to keep engaged in what normally would be a one-on-one conversation. It has been many years since I've used it, so it was quite rusty, but I managed to put it to work last night spending time with K and A (or is it A and K?). The real tricky part is to listen very carefully to the response(s) in such a way that I can ask followup question(s) if warranted while at the same time reserving a spot in my head for my own answer to the question while also having a tertiary spot that is working on the subsequent question. I found that normally as I was asking the question I could come up very quickly with the idea of my own answer which left me time to get to the next one.

It ended up being a really great time where the three of us got to learn a lot more about each other. I had mentioned this blog to them so if they happen to read this; thanks for being such great people.

In other news a ski lesson instructor, while baking petunia flavoured ice cream lozenges in her crimson coloured bath tub, sang mercilessly, out of tune, to the radio, that was playing a staccato version of a 1971 AT&T dial tone.

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DabnSeal'er said...

We must play this game again! It was great meeting you in person! -K