Saturday, August 01, 2015

return travel visit to Nashville

On the flight from Louisville to Atlanta to Home, there were thunderstorms over the Atlanta airport. We left Louisville sightly delayed as the ATC figured it would be clear by the time we got there, but up in the air we circled a few times waiting for clearance and then were instructed to come down in Nashville to refuel and wait for a landing in Atlanta to become available. At the Nashville airport we did not deplane. At the gate in Nashville the pilot then told us that the refueling truck typically used at that gate is broken, so we left that gate and went to another and got refueled there. We then waited out on the Nashville apron for a little while until a path was cleared into Atlanta.

Fortunately our flight home from Atlanta was also significantly delayed, so I got home at 2h30 this morning instead of 23h50 last night. We had enough time to go to Duty Free in Atlanta, but because they 'had already serviced' the flight, they were not willing to do it again. We were eleven employees of my company traveling together and five of us were ready to buy something so we figured they would accommodate by doing another 'service of the flight'. But no, it was not in their interest. One of my coworkers became very upset, but that changed nothing.

I paid extra for Comfort+ (Delta) which gave me priority boarding, free entertainment, free alcoholic drink, more leg room and quicker deplaning as the seats are closer to the front. The aircraft did not have built in screens, but I could use my device. Only, the tablet I have was not compatible, so I did not get to use the 'free entertainment'. All the rest I did get, however, and I was happy with it.

There was a baby crying, one row behind me on the other side of the aircraft. At times the crying was piercing, but for most of the flight the baby was quiet.

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