Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Ant Man

In the past two or three weeks we've had the ants so finally we called and the exterminator is at our house at this very moment. I gave the technician a tour of the house in terms of where they were first seen, where they had been seen since and where they were last seen. He is now on his own, doing the work of
1. spraying in the attic where no one goes using more toxic stuff
2. Drilling very fine but very deep holes under windows and doors, spraying nest killing foam into the hole, then using gap filler to seal the hole
3. laying a layer of ant-poisonous dust around the exterior of the house, and
4. whatever else he figures needs to happen.

I do not know yet how much it will cost, but the ball park I was given was 650-750$.

Yes, the name of this extermination company is called 'The Ant Man'.

We used this same company back in July 2011 and back then they gave an 18 month guarantee. It worked well and here we are four years later, so their 18 month guarantee held up. It's too bad they don't guarantee for ten years.

I suppose if I demolished my house and then rebuilt it only using cement for the exterior walls it is likely I would be ant-free.

Seems a little extreme for a permanent ant removal solution.


Zhoen said...

In 19 months, start adding a bunch of ant traps? Ant's do come marching one by one, then two by two, then.... well. Catch 'em when they tie their shoes.

Phil Plasma said...

Not a bad idea. I wonder what the lifespan is of such traps and how often I would need to discard the old to put in a new one. I've put a note in my calendar to start that ant trap plan in January of 17.