Friday, October 30, 2015

braving the cold for the warm

Bring your filth and your stealth, your girth and your depth, your length and your width. Bring it all. Bring it on. Bring it out to have brought it out. Out of the world, out of the sky, out of the ground and out of the night. All of it down. All of it up and all of it wrong. Right, do not write the rite, but smote the smoke. Twice do a thing a third time, then stop. Stop, then stop again. Think, or don't, yours is the choice.

Think, or don't.


Zhoen said...

I think I think therefore I think I am, I think.

A very poetic post Phil.

Phil Plasma said...

Good for you for thinking if it means you exist.

Debstar said...

That was rather dark.