Thursday, October 29, 2015


This past Saturday I had time to rake the leaves from the front lawn. I forgot to take the before photo so I started to rake the front part and then realized I wanted to blog it, so here's the first one showing the first north east corner has begun.

I rake from the street to a fictional line that joins the two trees and extends beyond them; so from the south east corner here is a picture of when I'm done the east side of the lawn.

Then I rake from the house to the same line that joins the trees, so the next two show that I am done the western half of the lawn.

Then I start bagging from the north end and work my way to the south end of the line. The next three photos show when I am half done; I filled five bags.

The last two show when I am done; ten bags done.

This past weekend's leaf bag count: 10 bags
Total Leaf Bag Count for Fall 2015: 19 bags.

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Debstar said...

That would drive my hubby nuts. He would probably cut the trees down.