Friday, October 23, 2015

going boxing with boxes

Stevie Nix, Tom Selleck and Selena Gomez are three people I have never had over for tea and scones.

Do racketeers specialize in rackets?

The building I work in has fourteen levels. There is a basement, a ground floor which is two levels tall, floors one through ten and then using a stair case one can climb to the top floor above the tenth. I work on the fifth floor. On Wednesday I climbed the steps to the top of the building and then came down one floor (to the tenth) to take the elevator to the basement and then walked up to the fifth floor. I repeated this exercise yesterday.

There isn't any broccoli in my spare set of sneakers. I know because I checked this morning before leaving for work.

It is always a great day when it is both a Friday and the date is a prime number. I should know.

This weekend is made up of plans to do things, the consuming of edible goods and some somnolence. If I'm lucky, there may also be some instances of SLI.

Mr. T, Prince and Madonna are three additional people I have never had over for tea and scones.

In sports, baseball players swung their bats as hockey players took shots.


ghost said...

I once had a scone that looked eerily like mr. t. except it wasn't a scone, but a biscuit and mr. t looked more like dave Chappelle.

Debstar said...

Stevie, Tom and Selina are 3 people I have no desire to meet. I would like to entertain Kate Winslett, Ben Knightly and Tom Hanks. I don't care much for tea. And scones have to be fresh out of the oven or I don't care for them much either.

Were your sneakers smelling of old broccoli. If so I would suggest giving them a good wash.

Mr T, Madonna and Prince are also people I do not wish to meet. Once I would have said I would like to meet Joni Mitchell but then I saw her in an interview and she waffled on about not much at all. Really boring. I wouldn't mind joining the guys from Pink Floyd for a pint or two. And I'd like to have tea with Billy Connelly (not alcohol because he's a reformed alcoholic) because he makes me laugh