Monday, October 19, 2015


Polling closing times across the country.

This year they will be releasing the results on the media as each time zone closes. So the people out in BC will know about the Atlantic and Newfoundland results before their polling stations close. The Eastern and central will have only started reporting a half hour before the west coast finishes. There aren't many ridings in the Atlantic and Newfoundland time zones so even if we know the results from there already, those alone will not be the deciding factors.

For comparison, here are the results from the 2011 election:

Most of the people I interact with are hoping the Liberal party will win, that's mostly so that we can boot out the Stephen Harper party.


Debstar said...

Do you think the people in BC will be influenced by how other states have been voting?

Also do you have to line up for hours to vote as they do in the US? I have always been puzzled by how disorganised their voting days seem to be.

Here the polling booths are set up in every public school hall and also in community halls. There are always at least 3 places to vote within a 5 minute drive from my home. Voting is compulsory so maybe that's why we are more organised.

Phil Plasma said...

Hey Deb,

Here in Canada we call them provinces, and in addition, we have three territories. No matter, to answer your question there was only half an hour of time that BC could continue to vote that most of the rest of Canada had finished their voting and results in that first half hour were not at all conclusive.

In past elections I could either vote immediately without having to wait, or, if I had to wait, it was only for five or ten minutes. Last night I had to wait about seven minutes. It is very well organized and generally across Canada there are no problems.

In my specific area in the past it was in a gym but this time it was in a church basement. The gym had more room for them to be organized but the church situation though smaller, wasn't too bad.

I and many other Canadians are very pleased that the reign of Stephen Harper has come to an end. We will see if Justin Trudeau and his party are able to follow through on their many campaign commitments.