Friday, October 16, 2015

When windows don't do as doors

Curiously, G-bot was practicing the conjugation of être and avoir last night for pretty much all of the tenses while C-ling was practicing the same two verbs just for the passé composé tense. Both of them have learned this in the past, but early in the school year, it seems every school year, they practice them again. At the same time I was quizzing these two I was also listening to V-8 reading her Grade 1 books. Her reading is coming along nicely.

We haven't yet worked out Halloween costumes for the kids. This is something we tend to put off though I wish we could find the time to do it sooner as usually as a last minute thing it is more challenging.

There is no substitute for substitution.

The Canadiens won last night, their fifth game in a row. It also happens to have been only their fifth game of the season, so that have thus far gone undefeated. I heard on the radio last night that this is the first time ever in the history of this team that the team starts 5-0. That's pretty amazing considering the quality of teams in the past.

Don't forget to remember something.


Zhoen said...

I was often told I made a better door than a window.

Phil Plasma said...

Curious that someone should think you a door - have you been particularly rectangular all of your life?

Zhoen said...

Just not transparent enough, according to some.

Debstar said...

Halloween is not something we follow but it is getting more and more popular due to the shops selling all things halloween in the weeks before. I have bought some chocolates just in case someone does come knocking on our door, though this hasn't occurred for many years. Can't wait for it to be over so I can eat the chocolates.