Thursday, November 26, 2015

quadratic equations in my sleeve

When the rain falls up and the snow falls sideways and the barometer is dropping and the humidity is rising you can claim that weather is the topic, but whether or not this is true is the topic.

I did not accidentally cut any part of my left hand in the last seventeen hours. I am rather pleased about that.

I really need to get the Stephen Wright script I've prepared into my head as the talent show at the company Christmas party is coming soon (December 5) and I want to be sure I can give a smooth delivery. There are two and a half pages and I've got it so that a keyword in one 'one-liner' gives me the catalyst to recall the next one, which in it has it's own keyword that then helps with the next, and so on. I am finding this method is working well for me, but still, I need to really get it down so that I can give the best delivery I can.

Work is a little overwhelming these days, even with TG happening in the US of A, I haven't had a lot of time to do 'catch-up' work.

On the bright side, the Canadiens beat the Rangers last night.

If I was to have soup right now, I think it would be pea soup.

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