Friday, November 27, 2015

When the gondola immitates a blimp

There isn't much to say about dandruff for a person who died three hundred and eighty-five years ago.

A ricochet elaborately boiled water in preparation for some tree-bark tea. Boing!

I ate at Subway for lunch today and got a Kylo Ren cup for my drink. I Googled him and learned about him even though I haven't yet seen the movie that includes him.

We have a pool tournament, single elimination, at my work since we have a pool table. I had my first round match today, it was a best two out of three games.

The first game was pretty even and at the end there was just the white and eight ball left. We each had a couple of goes at it when it was his turn he called it to go in one pocket and it fell into a different one, so he lost the first game.

The second game I had pulled ahead where I had only one of my striped balls left on the table and he had three of his solid ones when he attempted a shot that sunk the eight ball, so he lost the second game.

As a result, I have advanced to the second round.

The Galapagos Islands are exactly the correct shade of green as they are supposed to be. I do not speak Spanish, so I would not travel there in as easy a way as I would travel to a place where English or French was spoken.

Make sure you have enough mustard for the weekend.


Zhoen said...

Much less dandruff around since hair washing became routine.

Happy pooling!

Will horseradish do? Oh, wait, I do have mustard as well.

Phil Plasma said...

I'm not sure about horseradish, I find it is too harsh.

meznor said...

I enjoy dijon mustard, is that allowed?

There was a pool table at the party we went to on Saturday, which was my cousin's 21st birthday party at his family home, which was more so a party for the family than for his birthday since he celebrated with his friends the night before. I usually play pool at their house because there are no pool tables at my parents' or other relatives' houses, and I don't visit houses with pool tables very frequently, and I like to play but I'm not very good because of the infrequency of my visits to houses with pool tables in them.

your cramp bark tea is ready now.

Debstar said...

When I was a teenager I had access to a pool table and would spend many hours playing and I thought,in my mind, that I was pretty darn good. Considering that I had the same opponent who was also a teenager I doubt that I was.