Thursday, December 17, 2015

it seems the question has no answer

It is not particularly dangerous to sit still and do nothing. Well, that is, unless the place you are sitting still is in an aircraft that is crashing into a mountain range.

It is also not particularly dangerous to think about having a nap. I should know.

The tail pipe of a 35mm socket gear is terrible as a choice of tooth brush. Other episodes, ranked in reverse numerical order, pasted an envelope made of cream cheese into room 433A of the janitorial quarters of a row boat.

The Galapagos Islands walked into a bar, looking to get a Slider (add Rye, kahlua and milk to a high ball glass, glass should be full of ice. Stir and enjoy.).

A pantomiming mime mined the mind of a minor miner.

Try as much as possible to not get lapped.


Zhoen said...

Well, sitting still and doing nothing in that situation is no more dangerous than just about anything else one could do. Except the pilot, of course.

Sitting still and doing nothing while on tracks with a train coming up on you fast, now that is dangerous.

Phil Plasma said...

As always, astute observations.